Our qualified inspectors will conduct an inspection of all visually accessible areas of a structure for the purpose of identifying wood destroying organisms such a

•Subterranean Termites  •Drywood Termites  •Fungus/ Dry rot 

•Wood Boring Beetles  •Carpenter Ants  •Carpenter Bees

Active infection or infestation of the above, are labeled as Section 1 items on our report. 

Areas of a structure we inspect include:

  • Interior: bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, areas adjacent to doorways, and windows.
  • Exterior: roof eaves, siding/trim, areas adjacent to windows, areas close to the ground, decks, porches, and patios.
  • Subareas and Basements: flooring wood members, supports, ventilation, moisture conditions, and plumbing leaks.

To prepare for your inspection, it is helpful to our inspectors if access openings to attics/ crawl spaces are cleared of storage and easily accessible at the time of the inspection. For garages, it is best to move all belongings away from the perimeter walls as much as possible. If you are concerned about particular areas of your home, be sure to discuss this at the time of scheduling, or mention it to the inspector at the inspection.

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Our team of skillful carpenters specialize in substructure repairs, decks, porches, siding, roof eaves, bathroom floors, showers and many other types of repairs.

Our crew member, Brandon, replacing the siding on a job in Kelseyville, CA

Our repair crew works quick and efficiently, making it possible for us to work with most deadlines.


We will utilize a variety of treatments to ensure that your pest problem is effectively taken care of. Rest assured, our treatments are safe for pets and people.

Some of the treatments we offer include:

  • drill and treat for slab construction
  • conventional trench treating
  • localized treatments
  • termite baiting systems
  • fumigations
  • various other preventative measures to avoid infestations and/or infections

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